Latest Technology Trends to Track Employee Time and Attendance

There are businesses today that still use a time and attendance software that can’t keep up with their growing company, even though major technological advancements have been made, these companies’ payroll and HR departments are at risk of costly data entry errors, employee overpayment, and loss of administrative and managerial productivity due to wasted time.

There’s no time like the present to catch up on the latest technology trends in tracking  and managing employee work-time and attendance. These are the top two technology advancements that will drastically improve your company’s operations and efficiency:


Built for today’s modern workforce, smart clocks provide a modern user experience that changes the way employees interact with your human capital management solution. Using a simple touchscreen interface that enables employees to clock in and out quickly using a finger, proximity, or badge swipe, and it provides a fast, self-service view into work-related information including schedules, time-off requests, and more. Plus, today’s devices are durable, compact and easy-to-mount  which make them the ideal time and attendance tool for virtually any work environment. Learn more about the most modern smart clock available here: inTouch 


Using something that everyone has in today’s modern workforce, mobile applications, provides managers and employees with immediate access to their human capital management solution, at the swipe of a finger. These Apps are available for Apple and Android devices are designed to delight and engage the modern mobile workforce. Using tools like geofencing, which enables an organization to restrict an employee from clocking in from just anywhere. The application can be configured so that an administrator can restrict employees from clocking in outside the radius of a defined location, down to a tenth of a mile. Also, employees can use the app to check schedules, punch in and out even while offline, place time-off requests, review paychecks, and enroll in/check benefits, all from their mobile device. Using a Mobile App is the first step in creating an unified experience across all devices, ensuring that anyone in your organization can meet their human capital management needs anytime and anywhere those needs arise. Click Mobile App to learn more about the most advanced workforce app available.