PaySphere is structured to complement your business, not compete against it. Like our name implies, we work with you and the companies within your “Sphere of Influence” to protect your book of business and provide you valuable tools that help you and your employees implement the best plans possible.


Other payroll companies have projected massive expansions into the insurance and benefit lines— health insurance, Workers Compensation and 401k plans. Your business is already a major line item on their annual reports and they want more!

One of the founding principles of PaySphere is even evidenced in our name. We want our clients to work with their long standing business partners and “Spheres of Influence.” Instead of writing insurance, we have developed systems to integrate with the insurance carriers, giving your clients the same benefit without creating competition for you.

Are you a health insurance agency?

PaySphere will:

  • Protect your book of business from payroll companies that sell insurance.
  • Provide Health Insurance Carrier integration and employee open enrollment.
  • Give access to tools that help with plan selection and obtaining renewal rates.

Are you a property and casualty insurance agent?

PaySphere will:

  • Protect your book of business from payroll companies that sell insurance.
  • Provide advanced reporting to ease your client’s cash flow concerns and workers compensation audit.
  • Offer an integrated “pay-as-you-go” solution for your clients, through select carriers.

We’ll Defend your Business

As you already know, the payroll giants are selling thousands of 401k and investment plans each year, many of them to your clients. If there is any good news in this, it’s that you’ve just found a partner to help you fight back!

Whether you’re a financial planner, registered investment advisor or Third Party Administrator, PaySphere can insure that your clients are taken care of by automating the disbursement of their retirement plan funds and by utilizing our advanced reporting module to help insure compliance.

Your solution to the revolving door

As one of the most valued partners a business owner has, your clients count on you. Day in and day out you help them make important decisions for their business, so why fret over which payroll company to refer to them?

Let PaySphere be your go to solution. As a local payroll service with principles of accountability, technology, and value, there is no need to look any further.

Compete on a level playing field

The major national banks have created strategic partnerships with the national payroll companies to increase business loans and deposits and offer an expanded service line to their clients. If one of your clients is using a national payroll company, we’ll bet they are also being courted by a national bank.

It’s time to get strategic and protect your business by including payroll services and employee pay services from PaySphere in your service offering. We can even launch a co-branded marketing effort to help in educating your clients about the payroll and human resource options available to them.


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