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Proper documentation and preventative consulting are critical for avoiding costly legal claims and inefficient personnel issues. If the business fails to properly document, vet HR procedures, or update employee handbooks, employers are likely unprotected.

HR On Demand will help you stay compliant and prepared to prevent or properly manage HR claims. HR On Demand gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can ask our team of certified HR Pros as many questions as you want, create custom employee handbooks, create custom job descriptions and HR documents, sign up for free quarterly harassment prevention training, and much more. This allows managers to spend less time on HR duties and more time on critical workforce tasks.

Key Benefits

  • Document Customization

    HR Pros will create and customize your HR documents, and review for potential legal concerns.

  • Employee Handbook

    Schedule a personal appointment with an HR Pro to develop a custom Employee Handbook and a plan for implementation. 

  • Ask the Pro

    Address your situational questions in regards to legal compliance and personnel issues, and have a HR Pro answer.

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Top 10 Reasons Companies choose
HR On-Demand

With HR On-Demand, your company can virtually outsource their HR department. Our experienced and certified HR Professionals work with you to address your business specific questions and needs.

• Develop your Employee Handbook.
• Create and customize your job descriptions.
• Pose unlimited questions in regards to federal and state employment laws.
• Build up your company specific employee performance evaluation forms.
• Refresh your vacation/ sick/ PTO program.
• Strengthen your processes for terminating employees
• Discover best practices for how to apply disciplinary actions.
• Establish a guide for how to properly classify your workers.
• Receive tips and guidance on how to address employee complaints.
• Learn how to conduct effective job candidate interviews.