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Experienced HR consultant Culture Spark gets more time to grow the business when they hire PaySphere as their payroll provider
“With PaySphere, I don’t have to spend any time on payroll issues, because I’ve yet to have one.”

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Culture Spark is a consultancy with a unique approach in how they strive to discover the deep connection between people and the purpose in their work. Culture Spark feels that when all the people are aligned with a clear purpose then the company will get the most from them and can help them achieve a meaningful life. They guide leadership towards self-awareness which leads to deliberate and diligent management. Culture Spark has a core strength in working with leaders to eliminate any distractions, and to build a strong company culture.


Culture Spark’s leader had a new business, but had no prior payroll experience. The owner wanted to focus her time on her customers. She wanted a straightforward and responsive payroll provider. Someone who really understands how small businesses work, and that would provide great customer service while also delivering an uncomplicated payroll process.


“PaySphere has surpassed my expectations for a payroll provider! I have gotten invaluable hours back every week to focus on growing my business. PaySphere’s approach to customer service is frankly unmatched. PaySphere has a promise that a customer can call on the owner at any time. But, I know that I will never need to, because everyone there knows how to get their job done right the first time and every time.”

“PaySphere is affordable, efficient and a true business partner that I count on to assist me in reaching my company’s goals.”
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