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Respected steel provider North Shore Steel improves customer satisfaction after they hire PaySphere payroll solutions
“There are never any issues with PaySphere, customer service. It is always available anytime day & night.”

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North Shore Steel Company Profile:

North Shore Steel is a privately owned steel service center providing a comprehensive supply of steel products for steel producers and fabricators since 1955. They are legendary for their high speed, anytime, anywhere in the world customer service. When it is a true business emergency, customers know they can always count on North Shore Steel.

North Shore Steel distributes structural steel, plate, and fittings and flanges. The company also provides numerous value-added process services, including plate burning, rolling, and press forming; structural steel cut-to-length, drilling; and machining, coping, and CNC profiling, as well as ASME long seam and girth seam welding. This unique combination of products and services distinguishes North Shore Steel from the competition and allows the company to provide significant value to its customers.


Before transitioning to PaySphere, North Shore Steel was using a large national vendor for their payroll needs. The service was slow and prone to errors that were beginning to hurt the business. When a key employee’s hours or compensation was not correct, it distracted them from focusing on the high quality service that North Shore Steel’s customers needed most.

What’s more, North Shore Steel was not receiving the personalized customer service that they were led to expect. Due to repeated miscommunications from the old payroll vendor, and an inefficient problem resolution process, North Shore Steel was wasting valuable time on unnecessary mistakes. North Shore Steel also struggled to make the cumbersome one size fits all reporting, and the timekeeping system work with their fast response time business model.

North Shore Steel had a crucial decision to make, should they change, and if so how could they be certain that the new payroll provider would provide better services at the speed and level of quality that North Shore Steel needed?


”PaySphere gets our business. They treat us the way we try to treat our customers. Their customer service is fast, and their flexible reporting lets us manage the changes in our employee’s hours without missing a beat. It is just the solution that we have been looking for. PaySphere even made the new system implementation process smooth and effortless for us.“

”We selected PaySphere’s payroll & timekeeping solutions and it was the best decision that we have made in years.“

With PaySphere, you’ll reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain insight into your business that will allow you to make informed, strategic decisions.

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