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Valuable, easy-to-use tools for tracking time, tasks and attendance.
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It’s Time For A Better Way To Manage Your Team.

Are you spending too much time and money tracking your team’s time and attendance? PaySphere’s Workforce Management Solutions provide you easy-to-use time, attendance and scheduling tools that can help you increase efficiency and profitability while decreasing errors, waste and confusion.

With our Time Management solution, you can:

Capture minutes with plug-and-play hardware, web punch or mobile time capture
Greatly reduce the time it takes to enter and track time with time and exception management functions
Gain instant visibility of your staff’s activities with real-time reporting
Reduce administration time with Employee Self-Service
Simplify the time-off process with automated leave requests
Improve compliance and control with time card approvals
Record and manage time on-the-go with TimeWorks Mobile
Automate paid time off tracking and balances with accruals

Save time and save money with Web Time.

No hardware to install and log in from any internet browser, or even embed a time clock in your web page. Track paid breaks based on hours worked. Meal and transfer buttons. IP validation ensures employees are where they should be and ready to work!

Punch Logic

Prevent punch errors! Punch menu options based on current state and eligibility. Capture in/out punch data, job codes, mileage, tips, department transfers and more in real-time. Punch logic eliminates errors and generates real data to manage effectively.

Mobile Apps

Punch clock in your pocket! Free on any iPhone or Android mobile device (App Store or Google Play). No maintenance required. Augment punches with PinPoint GPS locations. Managers see current status for clock-in/out and PTO along with personnel information.

Employee Self-serve

Share the load! Employees can review own time cards, submit time-off requests, punch in/out, select job codes, mileage, tips, department transfers and more—from anywhere. Lighten manager loads with automation and self-service.

Manager Super-Vision

Monitor employee status in real time—from anywhere! Check remote staff levels, see current clock-in/out and PTO. Filter by department, supervisor or location. Review, edit and approve schedule and timecards on the go.


For Companies on the Go.

With TimeWorks Mobile, our mobile timekeeping solution, you can drastically reduce admin time and gain critical visibility into your team’s activities. From employees clocking in and out to supervisors approving time cards, you get the convenience and instant insight you need to manage your team, workload, and resource allocation.

TimeWorks Mobile features:

GPS-stamped entries
View personal time cards
View schedules/punches
Approve time cards
View/submit PTO requests
View personal profile
Manage passwords remotely
View/approve PTO
Have employees clock in/out
Manage absences
View or add notes to employee time cards



Intelligent, interactive clocks
powered by PaySphere.

TimeWorksTouch combines the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven,cloud-based time and attendance services. Streamline punch and payroll activities with greater accuracy to give managers powerful labor management and cost control tools.

Timekeeping Made Easy

TimeWorksPlus provides these benefits for those regularly pressed for (and by) time.

Payroll/HR Managers

Eliminate missed and unmatched punches, auto-sync timekeeping and payroll systems and significantly reduce processing time. Accommodate customized pay rules, compliance requirements and employee types.


Immediate insight and tools for absence and overtime management, leave planning, compliance, notifications and time card approvals.


Simplified and accurate punching, self-service approvals and time card visibility


7-inch, color LCD touchscreen
Proximity card support
Fingerprint support
Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
AC powered with battery backup
8.75 x 5.3 x 2 (LxHxD)
6,000 unique fingerprint users capacity
Sturdy wall mount

An Introduction to TimeWorks
Mobile - Mobile Timekeeping


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