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Award winning Dish Society Restaurants improve employee productivity with PaySphere’s Payroll Solutions
“Everything moves faster in the restaurant industry and I expect the same speed from my payroll provider, PaySphere delivers that speed.”

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Dish Society Restaurant Profile:

Dish Society uses the highest quality, farm-fresh ingredients to present an award-wining menu. The business has grown to three, soon to be four, locations throughout Houston. Each location has its own unique menu, based on seasonally available food. The restaurants are all-day diners with top-of- the-line customer service. They all have great menus plus a robust line of local coffees and fresh-made juices and elixirs. They also have an extensive selection of local craft beers and ample wine lists.


Dish Society needed a payroll provider that would provide the company and its employees outstanding customer service. The company also wanted an easy to use system that would maximize management’s time. The company had many payroll companies to choose from, including large ones that could grow with their needs. However, the large companies lacked the level of customer service the company demanded. The smaller payroll companies provided good customer service, but didn’t have the resources to meet Dish Society’s growing needs.


After researching many other vendors we selected PaySphere’s payroll & HR solutions.

PaySphere has not only streamlined my payroll process, but their software has also given me the ability to customize several different reports which has saved me valuable time. They have also opened new opportunities for new deductions and benefits for my employees. These new opportunities have added incentives for our employees which has led to increased productivity, and decreased our turnover! In addition, PaySphere’s customer service response time has far exceeded my expectations. As my business grows and changes, I am constantly asking my account manager payroll questions and they always respond promptly with a knowledgeable answer.

“Now our payroll system is actually something that helps us attract and retain the very best employees in the business.”

With PaySphere, you’ll reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain insight into your business that will allow you to make informed, strategic decisions.

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